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    As many of you may know, MESSAGE Teddy Bear Co. was almost fatally damaged in the wake up Superstorm Sandy. During that storm we had lost everything to keep us running through. It is because of YOU, our loyal and amazing customers, that we are standing here today. The constant phone calls of support and your willingness to help us rebuild has been a true inspiration throughout this entire experience. The great news is MESSAGE Teddy Bear is almost officially BACK!!!!


    Theres only one thing missing, the new teddy bears.....


    These teddy bears were perfect in every way for our MESSAGE Teddy Bears. They fit the sweater perfect and were fluffy enough to hug all day long. All of those teddy bears washed away during the storm and we are bringing them back!




    We have started a campaign on and need your support one last time! Check out our campaign, Pledge to support MESSAGE Teddy Bear and please send this message and the link to our campaign, to 5 friends. 


    With Love,



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    • Peggy Pennoyer says...

      Nancy, These bears are the most wonderful gift ever. We’ve been giving these to every newborn for decades and so glad you are back up and making these treasures. Our children still cherish their own. Can’t wait to see our latest order,

      On September 16, 2015

    • ellen laden says...

      Nancy, Hope all is going well for you. You’re in our prayers. Ellen

      On August 04, 2015

    • Fran Johnson says...

      Hi Nancy
      i spoke to you a few months ago and was wondering if you got the new bears yet. i was hoping you got the ones that sit up on their own (like the old ones used to ) :)
      please let me know. i am anxiously awaiting!!


      On July 17, 2015

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