MESSAGES from Nancy:

  • Help Us Rebuild

        As many of you may know, MESSAGE Teddy Bear Co. was almost fatally damaged in the wake up Superstorm Sandy. During that storm we had lost everything to keep us running through. It is because of YOU, our loyal and amazing customers, that we are standing here today. The constant phone calls of support and your willingness to help us rebuild has been a true inspiration throughout this entire experience. The great news is MESSAGE Teddy Bear is almost officially BACK!!!!   Theres only one thing missing, the new teddy bears.....   These teddy bears were perfect in...

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  • Goodbye sunblock its back to school

    September How time flies.... when we are having fun!  Sending best wishes for all going back to school, work or setting out on new beginnings.  Let the journey begin; may it be filled with pleasant surprises and successful results.     Good luck Paris and safe travels Lucas (whose studies are not as close) "Wir freuen uns sehr!" As for me, I am not saying goodbye to summer yet - the beach here in Rockaway remains just as beautiful and inviting as ever.   Our website is new however the team at MESSAGE Teddy Bear is very experienced and committed to making...

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