About MESSAGE Teddy Bear

Welcome to MESSAGE Teddy Bear company - a family owned and operated knitting mill since 1991.  We are grateful and honored to continue to manufacture in America and knit MESSAGE Teddy Bears for very special customers.  We've endured many obstacles and challenges throughout our years in business and the latest, super storm sandy, almost washed us away. However we remain the "little mill that could" and heard your kind words of encouragement and admired your loyalty to send orders while we rebuilt.  MESSAGE Teddy Bear company is as much about our customers - for decades you called us to welcome a new baby in the world, celebrate a special birthday or just wanted to make someone feel important.  We share the MESSAGE Teddy Bear company re-opening with you.  We invite you to show your pictures, tell your stories and experiences with us on our fan page, as we continue our mission. 
MESSAGE Teddy Bear is a soft, huggable 15" teddy bear wearing a personalized sweater that is knit one at-a-time, hand sewn and made in Rockaway Beach, NY.  The personalization is knit-in the fabric with my own proprietary technology making your message permanent and everlasting.  Every MESSAGE Teddy Bear ships with your personal message hand written on a card in a sturdy gift box.  Every MESSAGE Teddy Bear comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have designed sweater patterns to celebrate special moments and occasions in peoples lives.  

MESSAGE Teddy Bears 

MY FIRST Teddy Bear Collection- is made exclusively for the baby you welcome into the world.  Send us the baby's first and second name; date of birth, pounds, ounces and length.  In pink or blue yarns, all this personal information is knit-in the front and back sweater material forever.  

MY BESTFRIEND Teddy Bear Collection- allows you to celebrate a special day in the life of a child (adoption, birthday, stepping up).  Choose a PARADE or TRAIN design with a single name boldly knit in the front of sweater and month, day and year on back.

I LOVE YOU Teddy Bear- A great way to say I Love You! Includes one name on sweater front and your personal message permanently knit 3 lines on back. Valentine's day, anniversary, your special day tell someone you love them every day!    


MESSAGE Teddy Bear company is about our very important customers just as much as it is about us. When they share their pictures, we look at smiling faces loved ones, relatives and friends who received a MESSAGE Teddy Bear - that's a gift to us. Customers especially love always being remembered for giving such a unique gift. Our devoted customers proved they have faith in us. They believe in us and they insisted we rebuild and knit again.  While we bailed salt water and shoveled sand from Superstorm Sand, our terrific customers called with words of inspiration, encouragement and orders!  They didn't cancel orders and ask for money back, they said, "rebuild and ship my MESSAGE Teddy Bear". They love the reaction when they send someone a MESSAGE Teddy Bear for the first time 

Normal production is approximately one week.  

A MESSAGE from Nancy 

Dear Friend,

           I'm Nancy Hanson, founder of MESSAGE Teddy Bear company. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the MESSAGE Teddy Bear Facebook Page. For more than 25 years I operated a knitting factory producing winter hats, beanies and scarves. Throughout the years I was confronted with numerous hurdles, obstacles, and adversities yet remained committed, tenacious and overcame them. However when the quota of knit goods imported into the USA was lifted - our customers chose to purchase knits over seas - this challenge was too great.  It caused the company tremendous financial hardship and I was forced to turn off our knitting and close the mill. 

    My life as an entrepreneur came to an abrupt end - I found employment in the corporate world as a business consultant.  Speaking to business owners all day energized and fueled my interest and desire to knit again.  With American ingenuity and 21st century prowess MESSAGE Teddy Bear company was created!   

         Our first product, MY FIRST Teddy Bear, (aka BIRTH Bear) was introduced more than twenty years ago for my two sons. They loved them and took their bears everywhere. Three more children, we now have a collection of five teddy bears that bring back wonderful memories each time I see them. Celebrate the birth of someone special by ordering MY FIRST Teddy Bear; you will be remembered forever! 

              October 2012 was comeback time - I was excited to launch MESSAGE Teddy Bear company! Yet, Mother Nature had plans of her own.  Super storm sandy, another far greater challenge, knocked me down.  It washed away my inventory of teddy bears, boxes of yarns, hang tags, and filled my machines with sand and saltwater. I give up! Grateful to be alive and unharmed, my family began to do what every one struck by a natural disaster does... start over.  While we bailed salt water and shoveled sand loyal customers called with words of inspiration, encouragement and orders!  They didn't cancel or ask for money back, they said, "Rebuild and ship my MESSAGE Teddy Bear!"

             It is because of our loyal and inspirational customers that we are able to continue to manufacture our MESSAGE Teddy Bears. Enjoy ordering on our secure web site or call our toll free number 877.NYC-BEAR (877.692.2327). Please like us on our face book page; leave comments, pictures, stories. We love hearing from you made someone feel special with a MESSAGE Teddy Bear! 


Love Always,


 Every MESSAGE Teddy Bear carries my personal 100% guarantee satisfaction or your money back.