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    MY FIRST Teddy Bear *   The best baby gift for every newborn girl!  Each lovable, huggable 15" teddy bear wears a unique personalized sweater to celebrate every baby girl in the world. Your custom sweater, happily made in USA, is made one at-a-time; includes baby's name and birth details personalized and knit-in. You will be remembered always as MY FIRST Teddy Bear is a unique baby gift that is kept forever!

    *Also Known As "Birth Bear" previously found on NYCMB.com.

    MY FIRST Teddy Bear Sweater:
    Baby girl's first & second name knit-in the front, date of birth, weight & length personalized in back of this unique baby gift. The unique sweater is knit with pastel pink machine washable cashmere like acrylic yarn with passion pink and white accents. Every sweater is happily made in USA and makes the best baby gift when dressed on our teddy bear. 

    • Enhance MY FIRST Teddy Bear: Include a Pink Knit Skirt
    • Enhance MY FIRST Teddy Bear: Include a Lovely Display Stand
    • Enhance MY FIRST Teddy Bear: Include a Pink Knit Skirt AND Lovely Display Stand


    FRONT of Sweater:
    LINE 1:  First Name (11 characters max)
    LINE 2:  Middle or Last Name  (11 characters max)

    BACK of Sweater:
    LINE 1:  Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)
    LINE 2:  Weight (00 lbs * 00.0 oz)
    LINE 3:  Length (00.00 inches)

    OR Date of Birth ONLY
    LINE 1: Month (ex. MAY)
    LINE 2:  Day (ex. 3rd)
    LINE 3: Year (ex 2014)

    Please REVIEW all entered information for correct spelling and details.                 We knit information entered.
    Have any questions ordering - call toll free 718.634.7611.

MY FIRST Teddy Bear

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